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My Top 3 Marketing Books For Developers

Marketing is a confusing topic for developers. You’ve probably heard about the marketing Ps and a few other buzzwords. But, one thing is certain, if you don’t get the marketing right your dream product will never make it. If you want to sell your product and make a living doing what you love my advice […]

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Link Share: Issue #2

Today I want to share the podcasts I listen too frequently. Some shows have changed my life. Some shows are new. Some have been around for a long time. The Tim Ferriss Show The Stack Overflow Podcast The Laravel Podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience The CSS Podcast The Case Jarvis LIVE Show Syntax. Planet Money […]

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Mono Fonts with Ligatures for Your IDE

Finding and using the right font for your IDE can be challenging. But, once you find the right font the readability of your code will significantly improve. Let’s review a few mono fonts… specifically those with ligatures. Mono fonts come in two flavors: those with ligatures and those without. My personal preference is to use […]

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Link Share: Issue #1

A key ingredient of learning is teaching. My distant mentor Jim Kwik taught me this principle. Several months ago I used the teach-to-learn principle and I gave a talk covering CSS performance tips and tricks at my local PHP meetup. These are some of the links I used to prepare for that talk. How rendering […]

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REST Fest 2019: Links of Intrest

REST Fest has always been one of my favorite conferences. In fact, I landed my first web development job by connecting with Brad Garrett at REST Fest back in 2010. This year’s edition of REST Fest (2019) did not disappoint. And, while there is so much I could talk about, I’d like to keep it […]