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Link Share: Issue #2

Today I want to share the podcasts I listen too frequently. Some shows have changed my life. Some shows are new. Some have been around for a long time. The Tim Ferriss Show The Stack Overflow Podcast The Laravel Podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience The CSS Podcast The Case Jarvis LIVE Show Syntax. Planet Money […]

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Adding Google Analytics To Your Website While Respecting “Do Not Track”

Adding Google Analytics to your website is a complicated business. No, you shouldn’t merely copy and paste the GA script provided by Google into your site. If you don’t believe me then this post is for you. You see, Google Analytics does not automatically handle “privacy” for you. And, you really need to care about […]

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Link Share: Issue #1

A key ingredient of learning is teaching. My distant mentor Jim Kwik taught me this principle. Several months ago I used the teach-to-learn principle and I gave a talk covering CSS performance tips and tricks at my local PHP meetup. These are some of the links I used to prepare for that talk. How rendering […]

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Adding Dark Mode Toggle To Your Website

What’s wrong with just having light mode and why do you need dark mode on your website? Is dark mode a goofy aesthetic add-on or does it hold more value then meets the eye? How do you add dark mode to your website? The answer to these questions go further than you might expect. Adding […]

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Don’t mistake the service worker as a small thing

Service workers let you decide what a user experiences on your website when there is, is not or is limited network connectivity. The service worker is a game-changer. It is no small thing; not because we can make web applications work offline but because we can fully control how our web application access the network. […]