My Top 3 Marketing Books For Developers

Choose your words tiles

Marketing is a confusing topic for developers. You’ve probably heard about the marketing Ps and a few other buzzwords. But, one thing is certain, if you don’t get the marketing right your dream product will never make it.

If you want to sell your product and make a living doing what you love my advice is to master words. Words are the driving force of marketing and most of life.

So, I have three books that will make you deadly good at words.

  1. Made to Stick – This book will help you use the right words.
  2. Building a Story Brand – This book will help you weaponized your words.
  3. The Art of Explanation – This book will add depth to your words and help you make them visual.

Once, you’ve read these you need to put them into action. Knowledge is not power until you use it.


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