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Jump-to Links Done Right

A quick CSS tip to kick off the week: to stop jump-to links from touching the top of the page when clicked use the scroll-margin-top property. Using the CSS property will give your design a touch of breathing room. Now, you will not want the page scroll “snapping” scroll-margin-top creates to be always-on (you will […]

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Link Share: Issue #2

Today I want to share the podcasts I listen too frequently. Some shows have changed my life. Some shows are new. Some have been around for a long time. The Tim Ferriss Show The Stack Overflow Podcast The Laravel Podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience The CSS Podcast The Case Jarvis LIVE Show Syntax. Planet Money […]

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Always Use <main>

Confession time. Do you need to make accessibility a higher priority in your work? I know I do. Over the last several months, I’ve made a big push to learn more about the core technologies that make the web accessible to everyone. But, I still need to do way more in the area of accessibility. […]


Vertically & Horizontally Centering an Element with CSS in 2020

Centering an element vertically and horizontally with CSS several years ago was nearly impossible. The process often involved either CSS negative margins or table layouts… all sorts of impractical rubbish. Then CSS flexbox happened. Flexbox made centering and moving elements around the screen fun for the first time in the history of CSS. In fact, […]

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Link Share: Issue #1

A key ingredient of learning is teaching. My distant mentor Jim Kwik taught me this principle. Several months ago I used the teach-to-learn principle and I gave a talk covering CSS performance tips and tricks at my local PHP meetup. These are some of the links I used to prepare for that talk. How rendering […]