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Adding Google Analytics To Your Website While Respecting “Do Not Track”

Adding Google Analytics to your website is a complicated business. No, you shouldn’t merely copy and paste the GA script provided by Google into your site. If you don’t believe me then this post is for you. You see, Google Analytics does not automatically handle “privacy” for you. And, you really need to care about […]

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What are WordPress Drop-in Plugins?

WordPress drop-in plugins are a hidden feature of WordPress used to replace, add, or enhance a limited set of advanced core WordPress features. They are only created by developers or other regular plugins. WordPress drop-in plugins are not regular plugins. Drop-in plugins are special files that each have a singular and unique purpose within WordPress. […]

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How to Display and Debug All Database Queries Made by WordPress

When working with WordPress you will eventually have the question, “How do I display all database queries made by WordPress?” In your wp-config.php file add the following: By setting SAVEQUERIES to true the wpdb global instance will store all the database queirs you make; this will allow you to inspect the number of queires each […]

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Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is here and with it comes Gutenberg. My belief today: WordPress 5.0 is the biggest misstep and yet necessary step the platform has made to date. I have long considered WordPress’ sparkle a product of its commitment to backward compatibility. That commitment has created a vibrant community, ecosystem, and marketplace. People build their […]

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Making an API endpoint in WordPress using add_rewrite_rule

There are many ways to build an API in WordPress. I personally like to build them against the base URL. If I was building one for this site it might be I like to prefix my API’s to help prevent conflicts. If I was using a framework like Laravel or Slim I might take […]