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The last few weeks have been full of interesting bits in the PHP and Apple space. Here are a few links that caught my attention. If you find these links interesting, subscribe to the Dare To Code mailing list and get monthly emails with content like this.

  • WordPress 5.9 Video Preview – The WordPress YouTube channel just published a video demoing many of the new features coming in version 5.9.
  • Breaking! PHP Foundation! – This one is huge! PHP now has an official foundation brought together by names like Laravel, Automatic, JetBrains, and more.
  • Front-line PHP updated for PHP 8.1 – With the PHP 8.1 release right around the corner, it is well worth your time to check out what is new, starting with read-only properties.
  • New M1 MacBook Pros Reviewed – Dave2D put out a great video coving the performance of the new M1 MacBook Pros. Expect huge improvements if you are coming over from Intel.

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