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Link Share: Issue #1

A key ingredient of learning is teaching. My distant mentor Jim Kwik taught me this principle. Several months ago I used the teach-to-learn principle and I gave a talk covering CSS performance tips and tricks at my local PHP meetup. These are some of the links I used to prepare for that talk. How rendering […]

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Run Times for PHP Function & Method Call Types

Why should we care about code performance? Small decisions made toward code performance when totaled over the span of our careers can make a significant impact in our world. The impact is not making a program “run fast”. The impact is saving invaluable human time and bringing everyone closer to carbon-neutral. As developers, it’s essential […]

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Code Merged: Laravel

Little did I know how much I would come to love Laravel. My Laravel journey started after acquiring a shamefully developed Drupal 6 e-commerce website, 6 years ago. Now, this particular Drupal 6 website was a total mess. Due to its build: I couldn’t add new products, I couldn’t upgrade core (it was modified), and […]

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How to Display and Debug All Database Queries Made by WordPress

When working with WordPress you will eventually have the question, “How do I display all database queries made by WordPress?” In your wp-config.php file add the following: By setting SAVEQUERIES to true the wpdb global instance will store all the database queirs you make; this will allow you to inspect the number of queires each […]

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Increase Mac OSX Key Repeat Speed

Enter the following in the terminal: Then logout and then back into your Mac. You are finished. Resources