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PHP UUID without a Library

A little bit of PHP is sometimes all you need to solve a problem. In our case, we need just a little PHP code to generate a UUID. When you need more I recommend using Ben Ramsey‘s PHP UUID package. P.S. When using a UUID in the database I’d still run a unique check for […]

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Link Share: Issue #2

Today I want to share the podcasts I listen too frequently. Some shows have changed my life. Some shows are new. Some have been around for a long time. The Tim Ferriss Show The Stack Overflow Podcast The Laravel Podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience The CSS Podcast The Case Jarvis LIVE Show Syntax. Planet Money […]

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Run Times for PHP Function & Method Call Types

Why should we care about code performance? Small decisions made toward code performance when totaled over the span of our careers can make a significant impact in our world. The impact is not making a program “run fast”. The impact is saving invaluable human time and bringing everyone closer to carbon-neutral. As developers, it’s essential […]

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What are WordPress Drop-in Plugins?

WordPress drop-in plugins are a hidden feature of WordPress used to replace, add, or enhance a limited set of advanced core WordPress features. They are only created by developers or other regular plugins. WordPress drop-in plugins are not regular plugins. Drop-in plugins are special files that each have a singular and unique purpose within WordPress. […]

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Xdebug with Built-in PHP Server

When using Xdebug with the built-in PHP server be sure you have the proper configuration in your php.ini file. Will will need at a minimum the following settings: If you run into an issue running Xdebug via PHPStorm, or another IDE, when using the built-in PHP server on macOS, or Ubuntu, you might have a […]