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  • How Does AI Change What It Means To Blog?

    How Does AI Change What It Means To Blog?

    AI is shaking the information and blogging landscape, so I’m wrestling with how to adapt my blogging model to fit that landscape. That model must levage the one thing an AI can not be: human. So, my blog will be more focused on who I am and what I think. It will be less about…

  • Should You Consider Attending a Laracon?

    Should You Consider Attending a Laracon?

    You may be new to Laravel, or maybe you are seasoned. Wherever you place yourself on the experience spectrum, Laracon is a conference you should be considering. For me, Laracon was a blast! But, I can’t answer the question “Should I consider attending a Laracon?” for you. I recently had the opportunity to attend Laracon…

  • Deep Learning. An Edge Case Fix For Laravel.

    Deep Learning. An Edge Case Fix For Laravel.

    A little journal entry and lesson learned. Push through hard problems to learn deeply.

  • April Has Come and Gone

    April Has Come and Gone

    When April started I decided it was time to blog again. So, how is it going?

  • Lost Time

    Lost Time

    Lost time is a tribulation to us all. But, there is hope if we make better choices. Choose the better over the good, and joy will come for a little while. Then choose again. And again, joy may find you.

  • Q1 2020 Desk Setup

    Q1 2020 Desk Setup

    I’m a somewhat minimalist when it comes to my physical workspace and tooling. My desk setup is a bit comical during these unprecedented times but none-the-less effective. I’ve built up this collection over the course of ten plus years. If I’m writing to my younger self… take your time and switch to Apple from Windows…

  • Blogging Again

    Blogging Again

    Should the social-X club own our stories? When we exclusively publish our stories on social media we are forfeiting our ownership of those stories. I don’t want to fall into that trap. So, I’m blogging again on my own personal server (though ownership could look different for you). I’ve had many blogging highlights and lowlights…

  • Code Merged: Laravel

    Code Merged: Laravel

    Little did I know how much I would come to love Laravel. My Laravel journey started after acquiring a shamefully developed Drupal 6 e-commerce website, 6 years ago. Now, this particular Drupal 6 website was a total mess. Due to its build: I couldn’t add new products, I couldn’t upgrade core (it was modified), and…

  • The Poetic Tragedy of Privacy

    The Poetic Tragedy of Privacy

    Broken expectations of trust are painful and lead to loss. Take care in how you trust and whom you trust. Change the way you think about privacy and let that inform how you use the web. Don’t blame platforms for your behavior. Does anyone trust a stranger to relay private information without eventual revelation? Contracts…