Jump-to Links Done Right

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A quick CSS tip to kick off the week: to stop jump-to links from touching the top of the page when clicked use the scroll-margin-top property. Using the CSS property will give your design a touch of breathing room.

    scroll-margin-top: 1rem;
    outline: 0;

Now, you will not want the page scroll “snapping” scroll-margin-top creates to be always-on (you will only want it when a jump link is clicked). The key to targeting only jump-to links is to use tabindex="-1" and the :focus pseudo-class. These additions keep the scroll-margin property isolated to the jump-to link.

    <a href="#one">Jump to one</a>
    <h1 tabindex="-1" id="one">One</h1>

You can read more about scroll-margin-top in the MDN web docs.


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