How To Get Your WordPress Plugin’s Admin Page URL

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To get your plugin’s registered WordPress admin page URL with the page’s menu slug use the function menu_page_url(). However, this built-in WordPress function is bare-bones and doesn’t quite get the job done over the long run. A function that also allows you to add query parameters to the URL would be a lot more useful.

To create such a function, copy this code into your theme’s functions.php file – or plugin code if you’re making a custom plugin.

function get_admin_page_url(string $menu_slug, $query = null, array $esc_options = []) : string
    $url = menu_page_url($menu_slug, false);

    if($query) {
        $url .= '&' . (is_array($query) ? http_build_query($query) : (string) $query);

    return esc_url($url, ...$esc_options);

Now, you can call the function.

For example, if you registered a menu page to the WordPress admin using add_menu_page() with the slug my_admin_page. You can use the following to get the URL for that admin page in the WordPress dashboard.

echo get_admin_page_url('my_admin_page');
// /wp-admin/admin.php?page=my_admin_page

Doing this is equivalent to calling menu_page_url() directly. However, the get_admin_page_url() function allows you to add URL query parameters too.

// You have two options
echo get_admin_page_url('my_admin_page', ['my_arg' => 1]);
echo get_admin_page_url('my_admin_page', 'my_arg=1');
// /wp-admin/admin.php?page=my_admin_page&my_arg=1

And, best of all, get_admin_page_url() works for pages registered with add_submenu_page() too.

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