Story Thought

Lost Time

Lost time is a tribulation to us all. But, there is hope if we make better choices. Choose the better over the good, and joy will come for a little while. Then choose again. And again, joy may find you. To know what is better is the gift of the wise.

Tech Video

Going Mechanical, One Day

Mechanical keyboard research completed. Research says It’s best I don’t get a clickety-clacker. Why not? Emotionally I’m unprepared. Plus, I don’t have the time to travel down the rabbit hole of keyboard customizations. The hole is infinitely deep. In the future, I’ll pull the trigger though. And, I’ll use this video to get started.

Freelancing Tips Web

Scheduling Meeting Times

Dropping poor meeting invites will end your freelancing days fast. Sending exceptional meeting invites can land a lifelong client. If you are sending 4, or even 20, messages to schedule a meeting you are stressing your clients. Meeting invites shouldn’t take more than two communications via emails. Your job as a freelance professional is to […]

Fix SQL Tips Web

How to Reset the Primary Key Sequence ID in PostgreSQL

I run into an issue today with PostgreSQL. I had manually entered a row into a table and it caused the primary key to fall out of sequence. To reset the primary key sequence ID on the PostgreSQL table I used the setval and pg_get_serial_sequence functions. Source: How to reset postgres’ primary key sequence when […]

PHP Tips Web

PHP UUID without a Library

A little bit of PHP is sometimes all you need to solve a problem. In our case, we need just a little PHP code to generate a UUID. When you need more I recommend using Ben Ramsey‘s PHP UUID package. P.S. When using a UUID in the database I’d still run a unique check for […]