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Server Level CRON Backups

Backing up files and storing them in a remote location should be done on a regular basis. Backups are vital. They ensure your code and assets are available if your server is hacked, destroyed and when your data is lost or corrupted. In WordPress, you could use a plugin like BackupBuddy to manage your backups. […]

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Installing Xdebug for PHP7

Xdebug deepens debugging PHP apps and websites to a level you can’t receive from the manual process of using code level var_dump(). Setup To install Xdebug for PHP7 on Ubuntu you will need to do so manually. Ubuntu 15 and lower will not come with a package for PHP7 or its xDebug counterpart. First, be […]

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Making an API endpoint in WordPress using add_rewrite_rule

There are many ways to build an API in WordPress. I personally like to build them against the base URL. If I was building one for this site it might be I like to prefix my API’s to help prevent conflicts. If I was using a framework like Laravel or Slim I might take […]

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Enabling Performance Monitoring for MariaDB and MySQL

Enabling performance monitoring for MariaDB and MySQL works the same way. Performance monitoring for databases is beneficial when you have records in the hundreds of thousands using complex joins. It also helps when you want to do essential performance monitoring overall. In the past, you could use general_log, log_slow_queries and SHOW PROFILES. Since MySQL 5.5 […]

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Podcasts 101: Learn How to Do Your First Podcast

The session itself will be on Podcasting. Luckily I have no shortage of stories when it come to the topic. I have had the honer of podcasting for a little over two years now. The first podcast I have been involved with is called “The Web Weekly” and the second is the “SitePoint Podcast”. From […]