Blogging Again


Should the social-X club own our stories?

When we exclusively publish our stories on social media we are forfeiting our ownership of those stories. I don’t want to fall into that trap. So, I’m blogging again on my own personal server (though ownership could look different for you).

I’ve had many blogging highlights and lowlights since 2010. I’ve blogged after landing and losing jobs. But, for several years I’ve been on a blogging break while I’ve walked through both failure and success – big ones and small ones. I’ve needed to grow and heal as an individual.

While on break I’ve been building an incredibly blessed business, Robojuice, with my business partner Jeff. I’ve been blessed with a new family. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to learn and build fun new things.

However, I feel the desire to blog. For me blogging again means:

  1. Sharing 5 days a week. Small things, big things, real things.
  2. Learning to tell stories.
  3. Reflecting and documenting.
  4. Connecting with my friends. Known and unknown.

Blogging again does not look like totally abandoning the social-X club. Social media is a powerful tool that can amply our voices. But, that is the point. Social is about amplification, not ownership. We pay for social with our most vulnerable parts and I’m not into that. As it is said, “If you are not paying for it YOU are the product”.


One response to “Blogging Again”

  1. “When we exclusively publish our stories on social media we are forfeiting our ownership of those stories.”

    That’s a good point. I’ve been thinking about drawing all my disparate data into a future website. Just in case these companies disappear.

    “Learning to tell stories.”

    I want to get better at this too.

    “Reflecting and documenting.”

    I’ve been doing this a lot more. Now I’m remote, it’s actually better documenting in written form and sharing the knowledge. I still don’t think I’m good at documenting, but I believe I have improved.

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