Broken expectations of trust are painful and lead to loss. Take care in how you trust and whom you trust.

Change the way you think about privacy and let that inform how you use the web. Don’t blame platforms for your behavior. Does anyone trust a stranger to relay private information without eventual revelation?

Contracts and agreements exist because trust is often broken or stretched past recognition. Don’t be surprised by Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Firefox, 1Password, Comcast, banks, government, your “private” server’s host, or Apple when they eventually break trust. Allegorically they are not close friends they are strangers and you are a stranger to them.

We need to fix our expectations and act accordingly. Outside of thoughtful conviction extreme reaction to an offense leads to regret. Make choices based on personal conviction, not momentary emotion.

Use the web and be smart at the same time; there is great value and benefit for those who understand this principle.


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