Mono Fonts with Ligatures for Your IDE

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Finding and using the right font for your IDE can be challenging. But, once you find the right font the readability of your code will significantly improve. Let’s review a few mono fonts… specifically those with ligatures.

Mono fonts come in two flavors: those with ligatures and those without. My personal preference is to use a mono font with ligatures because they reduce the visual noise of the code I’m writing. However, you can disable font ligatures in your IDE if you like.

As of this writing, Jetbrains Mono is my font of choice (I also use FiraCode). If you are interested in alternative mono fonts with ligatures I’ve crafted a list. I hope the list helps.

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Free Mono Fonts

  1. Jetbrains Mono
  2. FiraCode
  3. Monoid
  4. Hasklig
  5. Victor Mono
  6. Iosevka

Paid Mono Fonts


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