Developer. Stop robbing yourself.

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Developers. Stop robbing yourself in the software world. Resisting change and new learning. When I resist a tool in order to keep the status quo I rob myself of great satisfaction. When I use a new tool for its specific purpose I often fall in love with it.

It’s too common in the developer world. Calling tech “bad” on twitter:

  • Never having trying it.
  • Judging it from decad old experience.
  • Despising it for frustrating your own inexperience.
  • Casting your frustration with beginners upon it.

What great joy we are missing. What powerful ideas are we robbing from the world when we cast shade on things we don’t care to understand.

If you have some field experience. You don’t need to learn tools outside our specialty. You can’t do it all. Let interdependent relationships fill the gaps outside your strengths. But, there is no need to hate on Jamstack, Fullstack, Rudy, PHP, CSS, HTML, Windows, Mac, Front-end, Backend. Each tool has a purpose.

To those who a new. Don’t fall for the lie that PHP is a bad language. Don’t fall for the lie that Jamstack is “better”. Each tool has a purpose. There are always tradeoffs. There is no simple or singular answer to a complex problem. The is no “one” thing or “one” reason to hate or love a tool. There are always numerous factors at play.

We must be a humbler and inclusive community if we want to be truly smart.


2 responses to “Developer. Stop robbing yourself.”

  1. So true. JavaScript is so popular on Twitter and PHP is the complete opposite.

    Great article Kevin!

    1. Thanks Nat 🙂

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