Optimizing large font files for @font-face

@font-face font optimization has been to my mind recently. Due to the CSS Off that Unmatched Style is hosting if I’m forced to be honest. Now you may be wondering what I mean by font optimization for @font-face. In this I mean the reduction of the font file size. For example. Let’s say you have […]

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IE seeping content link overlap CSS fix

Totally fired up about this one. I have not seen this Internet Explorer bug in a while so it was fun to fix. This absolute positioning error affects IE7 and IE8 for sure, and my guess is that it affects IE6 as well; and, we can and should all pray IE9 fixed this. Basically the […]

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Web Fonts: Foundries Evolved

The road block It has been long hoped that fonts could one day be embedded on web pages accessibly. That time is now! Contrary to common belief, font embedding has been around for a long time. In 1996 the W3C chartered its first font working group and developed WebFonts (‘@font-face’). However, its implementation has been […]