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Raw PHP and MySQL Eager Loading

Working with complicated and joined data sets can be tricky for MySQL database performance. For example, What if you need to load multiple authors and their books from a database. How would you work around the N+1 problem and avoid unnecessary queries to the database without an expensive join statement? The answer is quite simple. […]


Character Encoding UTF-8: PHP, HTML,and MySQL

Note: Sequel Pro has not had a stable update in some time and I no longer use it. I love Sequel Pro. However, the default encoding is latin1 and you should be using a form of Unicode like utf8mb4 and utf8mb4_unicode_ci. The next time you add a database with Sequel Pro, or any other client, […]

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Enabling Performance Monitoring for MariaDB and MySQL

Enabling performance monitoring for MariaDB and MySQL works the same way. Performance monitoring for databases is beneficial when you have records in the hundreds of thousands using complex joins. It also helps when you want to do essential performance monitoring overall. In the past, you could use general_log, log_slow_queries and SHOW PROFILES. Since MySQL 5.5 […]