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Increase Mac OSX Key Repeat Speed

Enter the following in the terminal: Then logout and then back into your Mac. You are finished. Resources

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Stop Chrome & Firefox from blocking HTTPS requests by default for all domains hosted by Homestead

Virtual hosted Homestead SSL URLs in both Chrome and Firefox display an insecure message when visited. In this tutoial we will stop these browsers from blocking HTTPS requests by default for all domains hosted by Homestead. To get started, you simply need to import your certificate authority, .csr, file into Firefox. For Chrome you need […]

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The Poetic Tragedy of Privacy

Broken expectations of trust are painful and lead to loss. Take care in how you trust and whom you trust. Change the way you think about privacy and let that inform how you use the web. Don’t blame platforms for your behavior. Does anyone trust a stranger to relay private information without eventual revelation? Contracts […]

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Disable MySQL Strict Mode and NO_ZERO_DATE Errors in Laravel Homestead

If you are using MySQL 8 or 5.7, on Laravel Forge, for example, use the command sudo nano /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf. The options file /etc/mysql/conf.d/mysql.cnf is not the .cnf file we are using in this particular instance. Then add the sql_mode options you need and wrap them in quotes under the [mysqld] group. The sql_mode options needed […]

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Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is here and with it comes Gutenberg. My belief today: WordPress 5.0 is the biggest misstep and yet necessary step the platform has made to date. I have long considered WordPress’ sparkle a product of its commitment to backward compatibility. That commitment has created a vibrant community, ecosystem, and marketplace. People build their […]